Real Estate Top 10!

I am committed to inputting my prospects/leads into this spreadsheet over the next 30 days.  I know this is a habit that will require some discipline. 

** If you're not able to make this commitment, then just download the freebie for now. This step requires a commitment to the process. **

The PAYOFF is:

- an easy CRM-like tool that can be customized to meet my needs

- personal tech support 

- hand-holding to get started by importing my list(s)

- weekly check-ins

- just in time training - what you need, when you need it

This program officially launches at the start of next month. The sooner you schedule your initial consult call, the faster we can get you up and running. 


This purchase entitles you to:


-  Initial consult call with Jennifer to come up with set-up plan

-  Set-up call (via zoom) to get existing contacts into the file


- Weekly Check-ins

- Facebook group for support and troubleshooting


- Your file will be customized as we go for optimal usability


- No monthly subscriptions

- Tips for ongoing use and improvements

- Opportunity to test future enhancements

Real Estate Contact Management Jump Start

You already have the file. Right?

The 30-day Jump Start program will get you on the fast track to managing your prospecting, learning how to best use the spreadsheet to become more efficient in your activities, generate reports on your pipeline, and more!

$97.00 USD